Natalie Irish

I first stumbled upon Natalie Irish's work on 22 Words. Her work is intriguing; she throws and alters clay into simple-looking pottery, but also stitches handbags and dresses. The Houston artist is described as a wizard of sculpture, painting and drawing, and she works with a wide variety of media. Try lipstick, for example. Irish applies, puckers, and kisses the canvas in a remarkably intimate construction. She doesn't need her hands to create masterpieces (which is a good thing, given that Irish is now a "cyborg").

Visit her shop; you'll find a few of her prints for sale, as well as some handbags. The blue and mustard bag (below) is listed, for example.

Norma Jean (made by kissing the paper)

Roy Rogers (made with ink and thumbprints)

Kate (made with acrylic, lip prints & pencil)

Interested to see more? Here is another of Irish's inspiration videos. Prints of the finished product are for sale in her shop.


  1. Hi, there! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I hope you will visit it regularly :)

    So... I visit you back. Got your blog link via your profile. The first post I saw was this one. And when I watched the first video, I was like "Whoa!" Haha! It never crossed my mind that painting could be so intimate like that. I mean, she kissed the canvas! Haha...

    I love your blog :)


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