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I used to tutor college-level calculus. In high school, I would receive an 'A' on each test, much to the envy of my then-boyfriend, who actually understood the material better than I did. I still use simple algebra every day and, in fact, somewhat miss learning about math. The answers are so finite and--for a stubborn perfectionist like myself--an answer that is either right or wrong, black or white, is comforting.

Geometry, however, is not comforting. It is the one element of math with which I struggled. I cringed at proofs, praised God that I only needed to study shapes and lines and sizes and theories for only a year. I know what a triangle is, sure. I even know what a circle and a square and a hexagon are. But properties of space? Hell, I can't even walk on the first-dimensional plane of my wooden floor without klutzing into another plane/piece of furniture/wall.

But as much as I hated geometry, I have to say that the bold shapes are artistically beautiful.

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Editorial Note: Halfway through this post, I got up from the laptop to let the cat in. I gracefully tripped on the power cord and ripped it out, thereby cutting off the computer's circulation. By momentarily losing the links and photos I mapped out, I once again proved that I cannot, under any circumstance, avoid accidental klutziness.


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