Take a Deep Breath

It's not always magic wands or princesses in voluminous, sparkly gowns. Not everyone has a fairy godmother; not everyone can render themselves invisible. Hogwarts is still fiction, no matter how intense our desires are to grip a shapely willow branch and transfigure ourselves into the unimaginable.

It doesn't keep us from dreaming.

A fuzzy, romantic haze doesn't coat everyday actions, nor does it make lustrous the trivial comings and goings of individuals. There are moments when smiles and impossibilities and happy endings are lost.

A fantasy--a magical world--is more than what can be imagined. A fantasy is also what is emoted. Whatever provokes the response--be it a laugh from a friend, the warmth of the sun, the color of the sky just after a storm, a light, a spark, a melody of tones and colors and warmth and ecstasy--there results romantic joy, magical elation.

It was hidden beneath or behind the twigs, branches, clouds and musty, overbearing atmosphere that you now find spellbinding. You want to go there, you want to be there. You want it to be real.

If only magic were more than an illusion.


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