If all goes well, I am going into Omaha later this week to finally purchase my DSLR!

My dad is a photographer (he uses an EOS 7D) and will be going with me. He had me pegged for a Rebel months ago, but fell through and didn't actually hold his promise of purchasing one for Christmas. However, with my graduation money, I have finally decided to make the investment; I'll be getting a EOS Rebel T2i (much to the disappointment of a close friend, a Nikon loyal). I've thrown together this collection of photos to honor the switch from my trusted Kodak EasyShare to a "big girl camera."

Analog photography is considered to be traditional, but is really becoming popular with "all them young'ins." One blogger, Kyla Roma, actually hosts a meme called Analog 52. Every weekend, she posts "the good, the bad and the ugly" that she takes with her camera.

Analog Only_______________________Kyla Roma

While speaking of traditional cameras, why not revert back to a classic toy of the '90s? I certainly had one of these at my dad's house. I remember having slides of safaris and the Columbus zoo. And flamingos. Lots and lots of flamingos.

For an even less practical camera, why don't we stare at this beautiful camera cake. It's a Nikon, sure, but it's red velvet. Hear me? Red veeeeelllllllllvet. Like my graduation cake.



Toy cameras have really evolved. Today, many of them are truly functioning cameras. With batteries. And screens. And images. Then, of course, there are fully-functioning cameras that look like toys. Go figure.

John Kratz _______________________duringmyheyday

Cary Norton Photographs

A friend commented that this had a steam punk feel. Since my Costume Design class last semester, however, I've been thinking of things like this (or this) because one girl in my class designed costumes for "Peter Pan," steam punk style.




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