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For my costume design class, I had to design outfits for two characters in a fairy tale of my choice. I chose "Rapunzel" from James Finn Garner's "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories." Satirical and hilarious, the story about a girl trapped in a tower ("the symbolism of which should be obvious") ends with Rapunzel escaping from the tower, cutting off her hair and singing for charity. She's a free spirit, and her acquired wisdom led me to believe that she would emit an aura of jaded bohemia.

After creating Rapunzel's character analysis, I did some research for bohemian patchwork. I was more than delighted at what I found:

Shelter Pop ____________________Bohemian Vintage

After incubating on all of my research, I decided that I would blend the bohemian influences with historical dress of the era. My Rapunzel retains the Renaissance corset (though it was slightly modeled after a modern runway show) and long, flowing sleeves, but also models a vivid skirt with flowery patchwork. My inspiration? This lovely center piece of a couch.

And my finished project? Maybe I'll just have to make it for myself...


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