Band-Aids Don't Fix Loneliness

I've posted a couple of other "current obsessions" posts already. The first (which I threw together after a long night of doing research for costume design) is here. The other is something I put together just a few days after I got back to Iowa. I was lonely, wasting time on the Internet (unsurprisingly).

Ten days later, I say it's time for another.

First, I would like to start with artwork by
Steve Mills. He is a photorealist oil painter, and has sold nearly every piece he has painted. I have to remind you: these are
not photographs.

I've recently started following the blog 22 Words, a "collection of curiosities." Curated by Abraham Piper, 22 Words has been compared to "Frasier," as it "[tries] to be funny while maintaining a level of intellectual superiority." Posts are short, entertaining and often intriguing. 22 Words is where I found the picture below, and a link to Mr Whaite.

If the Johnny portrait isn't quite what you're interested in, Mr Whaite has also done Jim Carrey, Frank Oz, Jack Nicholson and Robert Downey Jr. illustrations.

While still at school, I saw an episode of "How It's Made." For most of the show, I didn't pay attention (if I have the T.V. on, it is usually just for background noise ... you know, so I don't feel lonely). However, I did watch Keridwyn Hershberger (that's a mouthful) make handmade soap. Her soaps, which are sold through the
Devonshire Incense and Soap Company, are entirely organic and are molded into perfect circles. Sign me up for a bar--excuse me--a cylinder of honey ginger soap. Yet another soap company that has been recommended is Sappo Hill, who offers three colorless, fragrance-free soaps. I know that the blogger who uses them has beautiful, beautiful skin (most likely because of the oatmeal soaps).
Devonshire_____________________Sappo Hill

At the moment, I am doing a lot of preparations for Vacation Bible School. This will be my eleventh year teaching, and I--for the seventh year, now--have kindergarten. The theme this year is Kingdom of the Son, a safari-esque journey through the Serengeti. Conveniently, the church I volunteer for also has a sister congregation in Tanzania, so I plan to turn this year into more of an educational journey for the 23 six-year-olds I have (so far).

I usually aim for high levels of interaction and application. So, on the fourth day--when the daily "theme" is GOD PROTECTS, I plan on teaching them about the natural dangers in Tanzania, including malaria. Part of our mission will be to talk about and make mosquito nets for the villagers as a form of ... wait for it ... protection against malaria-causing mosquitoes.

I've also decided to have the kids put together their own first aid kits, mosquito repellent included. And bandages. Safari bandages. Personally, though, I would like someone to make these beautiful fabric Band-Aids for me. They would be lovely on the daily cuts, scrapes, bruises and paper cuts I acquire.

I'll finish things off with 50 State Stereotypes. When I first watched the video, it had 520 views. It has jumped to 45,000 in the last few hours. Enjoy! There are many things that are true, I'm sure...


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