Summer Shoestrings

Yesterday, I shared a dozen or so photos summarizing the activities of my summer. Today, I feel like sharing more pictures of my "adventures." Unlike the ones I shared yesterday, however, these photos depict more of the humorously exiguous affairs.

This summer, I inconsequentially:

...rearranged salt and pepper shakers to make a face.

...rode a stationary bicycle under a set of stairs in a hotel hallway.

...admired mud.

...photographed purple sunsets from the hospital parking garage.

...contemplated the use of plastic U.F.O.s while at a thrift store.

...rode a gorilla.

...caught toads.

...took more than 500 photos of my yard.

...looked at stain-glass windows.

...donned my grandmother's straw hat and my brother's mortarboard as a response to my how-come-I-don't-have-a-hat jealousy.

...modeled Willy-Wonka-meets-old-woman-from-Ratatouille-and-gives-birth-to-magnifying-glass sunglasses.

...photographed meters. Of all kinds.

...attempted to become creative again.

...get ready for Christmas.

No, I'm serious about Christmas. But Hobby Lobby is.


  1. Well, the mud is pretty admirable.


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