Forget Follett's; I'm Going to Von's

I am back in West Lafayette!

The drive itself was uneventful (which was good). My mom and I had a pleasant drive through the uninteresting cornfields of Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. I-cubed.

Moving in went well, too. It went well until I realized that, somewhere along the way, I had lost my debit card. Not being an individual to lose things, I was quite devastated. Luckily, when I called the bank, no action had occurred. Most likely, my debit card is in the back pocket of my pin-stripe, navy blue short shorts. Those shorts happen to be sitting in the laundry hamper.

At home.

Six-hundred miles away.

When my mother arrives home later tonight, I am sure that the first thing she will do is check my card.

One of the other two large mishaps that has happened was the lack of Internet.

Today, my Internet has finally been restored (thanks to the "No-I-insist-that-it-is-your-computer's-fault-and-not-a-problem-on-our-end-you-must-have-a-virus-and-it-isn't-our-fault-because-obviously-we-would-have-remembered-to-turn-on-the-switch-for-the-building-in-which-you-live" ITAP guys). With that, I wanted to share a trip to Von's, an amazing store in West Lafayette in which you can find comic books, records, stuffed animals, jewelry, used books, and clothing.

It is wonderfully retro.

It belongs in the Old Market.

Yesterday (Friday), I took my mother to Von's, who had never been there. She, of course, was in heaven. While I wandered about the store, she spent many a minute looking at beads and records.

The store is quite large, and its many rooms host a variety of purchase opportunities.

Jewelry strands of every color line nearly every wall.

Customers can choose from countless options of beads, medallions, charms, and the like.

Marbles are also a common sight.

Spider paperweights, however, are not. They are found in a back room along with all the rocks, stones, and geodes.

The store is so large that sometimes it names certain areas; here, this dead-end hallway was filled with stuffed animals...and beads.

Anyone needs a pink, polka-dotted dog?

Outside the "Animal Den", a few sets of jewelry were pre-made and ready to purchase.

I nearly purchased one of these rings.

Personally, I thought the scarves were incredibly soft. I could have gone for one of the more vivid purples or yellows.

These cats were interestingly colorful finds.

There is a steep set of stairs that lead to the used books.

Von's is just as satisfying as any used bookstore in the Old Market.


  1. Wish I was there.. I'd be there every day!

    Great pictures.

  2. Leisure Explorations
    Interesting Series
    Me Heart :)


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