Spring Break 2010

"Bad Romance" was the one constant song that played in each of the eleven states we traveled through. I cannot tell you the number of radio stations we discovered, all of which broadcast it. Even now, when we hear the song, we look at each other and shake our heads. (Admittedly, however, I am a Lady Gaga fan.)

A second thing to admit: The trip was my idea, but I didn't plan it. I suggested three homes to visit, and the boyfriend planned the rest. In three days. Less than, actually.

Yet another thing to admit to is the fact that the sharing of our Spring Break trip is months overdue. Spring Break was the week of March 14, and that was four months ago. Yet I still look at the pictures from our adventure and enjoy sharing with others the destinations and places of interest. I had meant to post pictures of our trip on my blog months ago, but as work for the semester in progress increased, posting became a distant idea. Now that it is summer (and I am itching to go on another adventure), I will finally share our Southern Authors Road Trip. I plan on giving each day its own separate post (with the exception of Day Eight, whose only event was driving back "home"). First, however, an overview...

First, a map of our trip:

The letters on the map mark our starting and ending point (West Lafayette), as well as the major stops (the homes of William Faulkner, Flannery O'Connor, and others).

The Itinerary:
Day One: West Lafayette, IN to Memphis, TN
Day Two: Memphis, TN to Columbus, MS
Day Three: Columbus, MS to Milledgeville, GA
Day Four: Milledgeville, GA to Savannah, GA
Day Five: Savannah, GA to Newberry, SC
Day Six: Newberry, SC to Asheville, NC
Day Seven: Asheville, NC to Louisville, KY
Day Eight: Louisville, KY to West Lafayette, IN

Authors & Their Homes:
William Faulkner--Rowan Oak
Tennessee Williams--Birthplace/Childhood Home
Margaret Mitchell--apartment in which she wrote Gone With the Wind
Flannery O'Connor--Andalusia
Carl Sandburg--Connemara (Sandburg's home was actually not on the itinerary, but we made a detour off of the Interstate to visit it.)
Thomas Wolfe--the boarding house his mother ran


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