Memphis to Columbus

Day Two was, for me, simply amazing. The plan was to drive from Memphis to Columbus, Mississippi. What started off our day, however, was the sheer fact that we forgot Daylight Savings Time. We awoke on Sunday morning, having planned to eat breakfast and get ready for the day. It wasn't until A. turned on his phone (after noticing that breakfast was not available) that we realized we were late in checking out. Luckily, however, the hotel manager understood, and we were not charged a late fee. We laughed about it later, and I was happy that we had allowed ourselves an extra hour of sleep.

Since our only destination of the day was Rowan Oak, we decided that we had time to wander around the abandoned buildings behind our hotel.

The "creepy buildings" ended up being an abandoned army reserve center. The building behind ours may have been used as a barracks.

The property was still fenced in, and there were countless "No Trespassing" signs.

rusted front gate

The trash consisted mostly of paper "boats" that were used as food dishes for the stray cats in the area. I wondered who fed them.

The fact that the National Ornamental Metal Museum was next to the buildings was interesting. The nicely kept front gates were a stark contrast to the dilapidated property next door.

After leaving Memphis, it was only a "short" drive to Oxford, Mississippi.

Cedar Walkway to the house

The front room in which Faulkner used to write. The shelves were built by Faulkner himself, and I believe the portrait on the wall is of his grandfather. His mother painted it.

Faulkner wrote the plot-line to his famed Pulitzer, A Fable, on the walls of the back room

the back of the stable

The Faulkners had a family portrait taken on this bench.

back view of the house (from the English Knot Garden)

After leaving Rowan Oak, we headed for Columbus. On the way there, we passed a Confederate Cemetery in Okolona, Mississippi. We stopped and took a few pictures of the graves, most of which were of unknown soldiers.


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