Columbus to Milledgeville

Day Three of our Southern Authors Road Trip included stops at the childhood home of Tennessee Williams and the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta. Day Three was certainly the busiest, as we got up early to do some mild exploration of Columbus, then drove straight through Alabama to get to Atlanta in time for the last tour. We rendezvoused with a couple of A.'s relatives in Atlanta, eating dinner with them at a place just three blocks from the Margaret Mitchell home. After a delightful dinner, we (I mean, A.) drove to Milledgeville, a small town south of Atlanta. We were to visit Andalusia, the once-home of Flannery O'Connor, in the morning.

The hotel at which we stayed had a method for displayed room numbers.

The home was originally the rectory for a church one block away. When the church needed to expand, the home was relocated to Main Street. It is now used as the Columbus, Mississippi Welcome Center.

Part of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. William's granfather was the rector.

the backside of a building near the Tennessee Williams home

Downtown Columbus had very quaint architecture.

the most beautiful alleyway

Friendship Cemetery

The back of the Margaret Mitchell House, in Atlanta. The apartment in which she wrote Gone With the Wind is the one on the bottom left.

typewriter Mitchell used while working as a journalist

a recreation of the original lion's head that straddles the end of the banister (Mitchell used to rub the lion's nose for good luck every morning.)

mid-town Atlanta

outside of the Federal Reserve Bank

address of the place at which we ate dinner


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