Newberry to Asheville

The only thing that we had planned for Day Six was a visit to the Thomas Wolfe house in Asheville, North Carolina. However, on our way there, I spotted a sign for Connemara, the once-home of Carl Sandburg. Though not on the itinerary, we had time to stop at the homestead.

Located in Flat Rock, North Carolina, Connemara is very well kept by the National Park Service. The house is actually in pristine condition, and all of the objects in it are original--it as if the family simply left for a walk, and are to be expected back at any time. It was amazing (though, admittedly, still not my favorite). The existence of what is left of Mrs. Sandburg's goat farm was also fun. We spent quite a while in the field, petting goats and trying to photograph their eyes.

We succeeded in petting them, but failed in photographing them. We concluded that goats were stupid and moved on, as we would be late to the Thomas Wolfe house if we stayed any longer. (Indeed, we caught the very last tour when we arrived in Asheville.)

There was a quarter of a mile hike to the house. There are additional trails behind the property that lead into the mountains.

Carl Sandburg home

the parlor--Sandburg had over 17,000 books when they moved to Flat Rock

dining room

the room in which Sandburg wrote

This cat was "guarding" the goat barn. His name was Tiger. His tag said so.

goat barn at Connemara

Thomas Wolfe home (his mother used the 29-room labyrinth as a boarding house)

The only room in the Thomas Wolfe house that is not original is the dining room. It suffered severe damage during an arsonist attack.

one of the upstairs bedrooms

original bricks outside the home

the "Cat Walk" in downtown Asheville

In order to take this photo, I had to wait until the owner closed for the evening. I had a sick fascinating with the severed, plastic heads.


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