West Lafayette to Memphis

After waking up early and eating breakfast at the only dining hall open on campus, A. and I loaded ourselves into his car and took off for Memphis. Though it was a long drive, it marked the beginning of our journey. A., who had only slept for less than three hours, I believe, did the entirety of the driving. And by "entirety," I mean that I was NOT allowed to sit in the driver's seat once. A. valiantly took on the burden of driving, but only because I had threatened him a week before our journey.

"Remember Sleep Talkin' Man? The blog? Where he mutters all those pirate things in his sleep? He says, 'You can't be a pirate if you haven't got a beard. MY boat, MY rules.'"

"What are you saying?"

"You can't drive the car if you haven't got a beard," I said blatantly.

"I'll grow one," he said, grinning.

I glared teasingly, not sure of his response.

A week later, he had the beginnings of a beard. Thus, I was not allowed to drive the car. To quote A.: "You can't drive the car if you haven't got a beard. MY car. MY rules."

And so, he drove us to Memphis. And to Mississippi. And to Atlanta and South Carolina and Asheville and back.

I had never been to the state of Arkansas prior to this trip, so we stopped at a rest stop just over the border.

At a gas station, there were five separate signs for fried chicken.

The LEGO-style gas station at which fried chicken was sold.

We arrived at our hotel around dinnertime. Our hotel was in a bad area of town, and had a "pimp-mobile" parked in the lot. Our our room had a spectacular view of abandoned buildings, however.

Nothing says "scenic" like stray cats and trash.

There was a lovely pool area, however. (And by lovely, I mean "obviously not swim-able.")

For dinner, A. and I headed downtown, to Beale Street.

We embraced our inner tourists and ate at Hard Rock Cafe.

Outside, I was distracted by many a neon light.

That's Elmo at the bottom.

Nothing says Memphis like a green party bus and a goat on a lift.

...more shiny lights...I oohed and ahhed as if watching a fireworks display.

Then this guy showed up.

The "creepy building" loomed out of the darkness back at our hotel. (Our room also happened to have a cockroach in it--something that A. decided to keep from me--for good reason--until we left the next morning.)


  1. Great to take a spring break, isn't it? :)

    I'd love to take one too, though it's monsoon here, and the Mumbai seaside is beautifully breathtaking.

    Btw, great pictures!

  2. I am still laughing over the beard thing. That sounds like a conversation that would go on in one of our vehicles.

    I wish I could tell you how I arrived at your blog, but honestly, I'm not sure. I'm just glad I found it, because I enjoyed reading and seeing your pictures. I'm following, so I'll be back!

    Lucy's Human


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