Savannah to Newberry

A. has recently suggested that I formally title our spring break adventure the "Southern Historic Authors Road Trip" or SHART. While that may be an appropriate suggestion for him, I would tend to disagree. I'm not sure I want associate my travels to Rowan Oak and Andalusia with accidental defecation.

Interesting concept, though, the acronym. Unfortunately, I am unable to think of any of my own at the moment, as it is 1:00 in the morning. The only one coming to my mind is DART, which could stand for "Dead Authors Road Trip." However, this acronym does not include "adventure," "epic," "journey," "south," or even "historic." I tried to work out a combination of words that spelled RADISH, but that didn't work out too well, either. I will have to think of an acronym. Of course, I'll have to have A.'s approval. I think some teammate may be involved here.

Anyway, this posting shares a bit about day five, which was supposed to be our "beach day". Unfortunately, the weather was--CLICHE--"not on our side". It was only 58 degrees outside...and it was raining. I actually waded into the Atlantic Ocean (for my feet had only previously touched the Pacific and Indian Oceans) in my winter coat and pants. Very cold, it was. All the same, I enjoyed the experience at Folly Beach (located in South Carolina). It would be a quaint place to revisit someday. In fact, while there, A. suggested that we make a road trip someday and dedicate it to visiting famous beaches up and down the Atlantic Coast.

What do you say, dear? Beaches first? Or Route 66? How about Highway 1 on the Pacific Coast? Or the entirety of Interstate 80? (Which would be difficult, considering we live in the middle of the country.) Or, there is Old US-80, which goes from Savannah to San Diego. Or San Diego to Savannah, depending on where you start. Then again, do we really want to visit Savannah again anytime soon? Or, here's an idea...follow the Oregon or Mormon Trails. Heck, the Mormon Trail is three miles south of my house...

Folly Beach, South Carolina

Folly Beach had the fattest pigeons either of us had ever seen.

side view of the pier

faucet on the pier

A friend commented that these looked like dinosaur tracks.

discarded crab legs on the pathway to the Morris Island Lighthouse

It was raining gently by the time we reached the lighthouse.

the couple in this photo asked us to take a picture of them

Some things just make me smile, and phallic-shaped leaves happens to be one of them.

Also, I forgot to mention our hats and "neck gear." I will not be posting a picture of said bodily decorations, for fear of further embarrassment. Anyway, I will tell you this: my mother mailed both A. and I packages for St. Patrick's Day. Each package consisted of a felt top hat--striped and/or sparkly--and respective "neck gear". I had a necklace, for instance, while A. had a sparkly, over-sized, green bow tie.

Yes, we wore them to the beach. Funnily enough, we also dressed alike that day, both donning brown pants and green shirts. We were amusing-looking goofs, a decades-younger version of an older couple who walks at dawn in matching track suits.


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