It Beats and Beats

This is the rough-draft of a post that I wrote last night. I had the intent of posting it, but never got around to it. I thought I might make it a bit more poetic or something. However, I thought it best to re-read these items now and post them because--at the moment--I am not feeling so well.

I am currently stressed, worried, nervous, tired, and emotionally exhausted. (As explained in this post.)

In the meantime, this list suffices to remedy my current "state of mind."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Things that make me happy:

Snowfall...beautiful, delicate, gigantic crystals that catch the wool of my coat and model their delicate, frozen architecture.

The boyfriend.

Smiles upon the faces of my friends around campus.

Smiles pasted upon the faces of strangers I encounter.

The climatic moment when my eyes and my heart meet and I reach into my pocket for my camera, knowing very well that--with this light--with that sky--with those people--with that pose--with that look--at that moment--I can attempt to capture something abstractly beautiful.

Care-packages from my mom. (The most recent of which included a homemade, fleece, Boston-Red Sox blanket that currently rests, folded, at the foot of my bed.)

Opening my mailbox and, to my delight, finding three Valentine's Day cards in it.

New pants.

A box of of socks. (No, I am not trying to be Dr. Seuss. However, I was thrilled with my new foot-apparel for Christmas. I opened the re-used shoebox from my mom to discover more than 10 pairs of new socks, some of which were cashmere.)

My grandmother's rediscovered passion for crocheting.

The minute details.

Pizza Lunchables. (Just as I "inspired" her into eating Goldfish crackers, my roommate "inspired" me to turn back to my elementary-dietary habits.)

Smiley-faces that my amazing, libertine-obsessed, I-openly-swear-and-use-18th-century-derogatory-slang-in-everyday-language Restoration Literature professor draws on my test.

Italian suffixes. Scoiattol
ino. Gattaccio.

Project Linus.

The hug I received from my roommate immediately after church on Sunday. "Thank you so much for making me come," she said. "It meant so much to me."

Two-a-week, hour-long phone conversations with my mom.

The phone call I received from my brother on Valentine's Day.

Fleece blankets.

The finding of "lost" friends on Facebook, including a good friend from junior high, an old boss, and two instructors from community college.

Researching--and easily finding--a topic for my first essay in Post-colonial Literature.

High heels.

The Winter Olympics.

Being back at Purdue.

The constant reminder that God blesses me with people who care about me, and are willing to take care of my family. I cannot be with my family at all times, but I relish in hearing the wonderful things that others do for them. I am ever grateful, and delighted to tears.


  1. looks like a great list for the Thankful Thursdays!

  2. You know what? I never even thought of that. Thank you for bringing that up; perhaps I will have to add something to "Oh, Mishka" sometime. :)


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