Christmas Shopping

I arrived home from the University of Iowa late Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, I mostly tried to unpack my belongings (to which I think about packing back up in about two weeks). Then, on Thursday, we went to town. Since I had been confined in my fourth-floor room with my car several miles away, I was unable to do any Christmas shopping. Since I didn't have too long until Christmas, she accompanied me into town to make my purchases.

Though we did visit the mall and several other stores, the first place we went to was the Old Market. Beautifully coated with a blanket of snow, the Old Market is spectacular in the winter, especially during Christmas. Vendors peddle fresh evergreen wreaths while cellists brave the cold to entertain the passerby. The brick streets rumble beneath the cars' tires, and the horse-drawn carriages rocking-ly pass over them, their "sleigh bells jingling." The trees at 11th and Howard are bedecked in lights, and icicles hang from the ancient eaves constructed when the city was first built.

I love it; I cannot wait to spend New Year's Eve there.

However, during this trip to the Old Market, I was on a particular mission. Though it did not end being completely successful, my mom and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we visited two vintage clothes shops (named "Retro" and "The Flying Worm" respectively), an antique store, and the renowned candy store on Howard Street. We also ventured through Tannenbaum, which is the infamous year-round Christmas store. (My mom had been searching for an olive wood nativity for me, but, alas, they were out of stock.)

The shared entrance to Retro and Joe's


Compared to this past summer, Retro did not have very many clothes.

The Bill Cosby/Christmas Sweater sale at The Flying Worm

That's my mom!

Rings (with European sizes) at The Flying Worm

Old Market Candy Shop (the animated raccoons atop the Jelly Bellies are a Christmas decorating tradition)


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