It's Been Seven Months

So I didn't hug/tackle him. A., that is. Rather, I just (casually) walked up to him and threw my arms around his neck.

Once arriving in Iowa City, he had planned to surprise me at my dorm. Of course, I managed to ruin his surprise by not being where I was supposed to be...

Eager to see him, I had gone downstairs about half an hour before A. actually arrived, hoping to see him drive in. Though I had brought some homework down with me, I was distracted by the consistent traffic that passed the dorm. What seemed like an hour later, I thought I spotted A.'s car. I looked closer. Yes, that had to be it...
It is! I cried to myself. It had Indiana plates!

Somehow, however, A. managed to sneak through the lobby, up the elevator, and down the hallway to the room...without me noticing. It took a text saying "You aren't in your room" and a phone call asking "Where are you?" for me to realize that A. was, in fact, waiting right outside my door.

Embarrassed by the fact that I had, once again, spoiled A.'s plan, I hurriedly took the stairs up to the fourth floor. Rounding the corner, I saw his figure standing at the opposite end of the hall in a yellow shirt and the shorts I bought him for his birthday.

"I'm behind you," I said into the phone.

I could have ran the entire length of the hallway despite the fact that I was in flip-flops and others had spilled out of their dorms and held conversations in the narrow path. I could have; I could have sprinted (to the best of my ability) through obnoxious freshman and sprung up into the arms of A., hug/tackling him.

Once inside, we stood in the middle of my room and held each other, speechless. What was there to say? We were with each other again; that was all that mattered. My face was nestled on his shoulder, my lips against his neck. I didn't say a thing; I didn't try to kiss him. I just stood there, buried in A., feeling his arms around me and listening to him breathe. When we finally shared our first kiss, it was gentle; comparable to the soft caresses we lavished upon each other's faces.

I was so elated at that moment; had I completely given myself over to my emotions, I probably could have shed a few "happy tears."

That exhilaration lasted the entire weekend: through dinner at the dining court, spelunking in Maquoketa, church with friends, Indian food, testing out my "new" bike, and even spending time in my dorm cooking, sleeping, or Googling the world's oldest mother. (She's seventy, by the way.)

I was with him, and that was all I could think about.

That and the butterflies.

It's been several months since I have met A., a few since we've been dating (in fact, Friday was our four month-versary). Granted, in the overall scheme of things, these past months aren't a long time; not even compared to our last relationships. However, what my last relationship was missing was the euphoria; the jitters in my stomach, the quickening palpitations of my heart. These feelings--simple but genuine--are easily generated with a kiss on my neck, a whisper in my ear, the brushing of my hair from my face. Even a look from A. can make me smile and sheepiishly turn from him, unable to explain my elation for the compliments or small tokens of affection he bestows upon me.

I'm lucky, I tell myself every day, and there's only one "person" to thank for that...

I just took a deep breath; sighed an enormous sigh. I hate saying goodbye.

Just a few hours ago, A. left me, a purple bike he bought and fixed for my use, and Iowa City behind. In fact, I'm awaiting him again; this time for a phone call to let me know that he made it back okay. (
I would like YOU to know, dear, that I'm just as worried about you driving as you are about me going anywhere--whether it be via bus, bike, or personal watercraft.)

Overall, this weekend was amazing; I could not have asked for more. We have many more jokes, secrets, and memories to reminisce about. We shared our thoughts, a toothbrush holder, and burnt tortillas.

I know that the time before I see you again will be hard, but I know that I will--most likely--dream of you tonight. I also want you to know that I relish the last image I have of you here: you, in your car, yelling "I love you!" across half an acre of the park, not caring if anyone else hears your proclamation. I didn't shy away this time; I shouted it back, fully aware of those little "flutterbies" you once again gave me...


  1. I'm sure you and A are very lucky indeed, to have each other. Your post made for a wonderful read. :)

    ~Peace and happiness~

  2. Thank you; We are lucky. :) There are just too many coincidences that brought us together...why would we want to go against that?

    I'm sighing just thinking about it...

  3. Of course! The universe does really conspire to give oneself what one richly deserves and needs. :)


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