As my Facebook status declares: "[I] am dripping with eager anticipation. That's right; [I'm] down-right giddy."

Why, do you ask?

Because I'm Awaiting the Arrival of A. I'm joyful that my lovely he will soon be here, after a five-hour drive to the University of Iowa (hopefully without a blow-out this time).

In fact, I am so happy that I cannot find much else to say; I thought I would just share my exhilaration with all of you (since many of you--especially the readers that are new--have only seen *part* of my critical dark side).

And, to answer another question you might have: Yes, I do intend plan to hug-tackle A. when I first see him, as somewhat depicted in the picture above. (I don't think I'll immediately plaster myself to him, but I guess we'll see. I'm sure he'll be happy either way--
Right honey?)

So, if you don't mind, I must get back on track: cleaning, grocery shopping, and homework. I want to enjoy every second that I have with A. this weekend, starting with the initial "squeeze you hard-bury my face into your shoulder-resent letting go" hug.


  1. I hope you have a great time with A.
    Sadly, I am leaving my boy for over a week to visit my relatives in Edmonton. I am going to miss him so.
    So, I totally understand the hug/tackle when you will see your boy because I know I will do the same when I come home. :):):)
    Hope you have a great time.

  2. That's sweet. :) I have been separated by all of my friends in Michigan for over a year, and I know I would drive tackle all of them if I got to. lol.

    Hope you have fun!!

  3. hi.i love your blogs,i read them whenever i get the chance.I was wondering....how do you get music on your blog thing?PLEASE TELL ME!

  4. Hi.I love your blogs,i read them whenever i get the chance.i was wondering.....how do you get music on your blog.i mean i know where to go to get the music but i dont know how to get it on blogger.COMMENT BACK AND TELL ME HOW!!!PLEASEEEEE

  5. I love that feeling! Seeing someone you love after you haven't for a long time. The anticipation is a killer but it's worth every second.


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