This is How to Have Fun

Yesterday, I was invited to eat lunch with a set of identical twins, whose names also both begin with the letter ‘D.’ Since the last time I had seen them was in January, I was looking forward to a scheduled rendezvous, especially since we would be eating at Perkins.

Our waitress was incredibly pleasant, especially when she learned that the boys were from Elk Horn (the same place as the Danish Windmill). As she was originally from a neighboring town, she shared a little of her family history with us before taking our orders, which were turkey and gravy, a chicken BLT, and a “Triple Hero,” which D1 claimed to be.

The boys and I joked around for a little while, discussing school, the Danish Windmill, and the mutual friend that built the LEGO windmill. Between identical laughs and identical fake accents, I was finally able to distinguish one from the other. D1 is to my right. D2 is to my left. D1 is the one with the freckle above his lip. (I have to remind myself of this every time, for there has been several occasions when I have encountered them—together or separately—that I am not entirely sure with whom I am speaking.)

“I was just at Village Inn last week,” I told them. We were seated in a booth, the boys opposite me. “They give you a piece of free pie when you order a meal on Wednesdays. Free pie Wednesdays.”

“Really?” They asked in sync. “That’s awesome.”

“It was delicious.” I smiled. “What was even better, though, was the fact that the meal I ordered already came with pie. So I got two pies.”

“No. Way.” They slowly sounded out, concluding that free pie Wednesdays at Village Inn was, by far, the best covenant in Council Bluffs.

“That wasn’t even the best part,” I continued. “I actually had the awesome coloring sheets that they offer the kids. I sat there with my mom and grandma and colored and drew and did all sorts of things before my food came. It was amazing.”

With that, D2 got up and went to the front, grabbing three coloring pages. His brother and I giggled in our tucked-away booth, watching as D2 asked the hostess where he could ‘locate some colors’. We shook our heads in laughter.

I can’t say that “I never would have thought” I would be found coloring children's menus in Perkins with twenty-two-year-old identical twins, but I must say that it was considerably surprising. Predictably, we fought over the crayons just like any other five-year-old siblings would do; grabbing them out of each others' hands and whining, “But I wanted the yellow one!”

We teased as well. “You can’t color your muffin red! What kind of muffin is red?”

“A sun burned one, of course.”

“Oooooooooh,” I said with realization.

A few minutes passed by as the three of us continued to eagerly fill out “The Bakery Buddies’ Outdoor Adventure” map. I quickly flew through the “Plant Puzzles” section while the twins fought over which was the best way to navigate through the “Nutty Nature Trail.”

“Boys, you’re hogging the purple.”

“Key Lime Patty Pie reminds me of that lady on The Jetsons.”

“D--, can I borrow the brown? I have a raccoon to color.”

The only thing that made this afternoon even more enjoyable was the fact that I talked the boys into doing our own miniature “fountain run.” (Similar to the one I did at Purdue with A., only on a much smaller scale.)

Being that it was 90-something-percent-humidity and about the same temperature, the cool water spraying up from the Kids Fountain at Bayliss Park felt wonderful. Though we felt awkward at first—as we were surrounded by a dozen small children and their parents—we took our turns walking straight through the water spewing up from the ground like Old Faithful—only not as powerful, and slightly more intricate.

After the “fountain run,” we headed back to the apartment, where we subsequently spent the next hour and a half searching for the movie Clue, discussing the recycled barber’s chair in the kitchen, and teasing Linus, their striped tabby who proved to be a fan of “haunch-scratching.”

By the time I was ready to head home, I felt wonderful. It had been fun hanging out with the twins, luxuriating in the simple things that Council Bluffs offered.

I can only imagine what we’ll do next week...
perhaps another go?


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