An Open Letter to A.

I know you will find me a "silly girl" because I miss you so much. I know you may find it nonsensical that I shed many a tear upon your leaving this morning. To be honest, the thought of having to say goodbye brought tears to my eyes a week before you physically left my room, my house, my arms. I dreaded your departure.

Now that you are gone, I can't help but notice what is missing—your suitcase in the corner of my room, your laptop under my nightstand, your form in my computer chair. I miss it all; I miss you. Oh, to think of what I would do to give you another hug, be the recipient of yet another "one last kiss."

However, please don't think that I am overly desperate, for I am merely lovesick for your presence. I already long to see you once more, for I know that no matter how much time we spend with other, it is never enough.

Purdue was not enough.
Indiana was not enough.
Iowa was not enough.
These last four weeks—every day of which was spent in each other's company—was not enough.

However, I am ever grateful for the time we were given this past month. There are many experiences we shared and many places we visited that I otherwise had not previously done or would do otherwise:

  • Attend a performance by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at Connor Prairie
  • Annoy goats in the "Critter Corner" at the Indianapolis Zoo
  • Spend more than six hours at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Attend a Comedy Club
  • Visit Hot Shops in Omaha
  • Play pool in a dive bar
  • Go antiquing
  • Spend an entire day in Indianapolis
  • Explore the Bemis Contemporary Arts Center in Omaha
  • Visit the conference room on Beering Hall's seventh floor
  • Spend the equivalent of half a day in Meijer
  • Go shopping for clothes at a store called "Retro"
  • Eat Thai food for lunch
  • Watch the sunset from the Lewis & Clark Monument

I'm sure that there are more...and I'm sure that we will have many more firsts in the future.

We—I—just have to wait.

I have to wait to see you again—wait to be entwined within the comfort and safety of your arms. Wait for you to whisper your thoughts into my ear and have your breath tickle me neck. Wait to hear your heart beating beneath my ear, feel the shadow of hair on your chin, and see the smile in your eye when you tell me I'm a "silly girl" for publicly trying to write about how much you mean to me.


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